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In 1969, a hospital auxiliary was formed to provide community health care to the Fredericksburg region.

While that original dream of community volunteer support lives on with over 120 active members today, it led to something even greater.

Valentine’s Day is usually a day of cards, secret admirers, love and chocolate, but in Fredericksburg, Texas in 1971, it was something more. On that day, Hill Country Memorial Hospital opened its doors. To show their support for the new hospital, 5,000 people showed up – The entire population of Fredericksburg at the time.

This hospital was special. Not only did thousands of Gillespie County Residents attend the event, but 93% of them made a financial commitment to the hospital. It was more than just a health care solution for the community. It was an endeavor made possible by the community.

The spirit and participation continued when 135 members of the auxiliary helped to raise funds. When the hospital opened for business, they had 77 active volunteers.

Since then, Hill Country Memorial has grown from a single hospital to a vast network of clinics, offices, and specialties making it one of the more robust health care networks in the region.

Hill Country Memorial has always been a community health care initiative, and while some business practices have evolved, the original pillars and ideals remain. Hill Country Memorial is a locally run, Central Texas health care network of a hospital and clinics serving their beloved community with compassionate and personalized care.

So regardless of how you found us, we’re glad you’re here. We think you’ll find HCM to be a bit different than the rest. Because we aren’t just hospitals and clinics… we’re how health care is supposed to feel.

Hill Country Memorial provides remarkable care

Jayne Pope, CEO of HCM, shares how Hill Country Memorial provides convenience of care to people in the hospital, wellness center, physician offices, immediate care clinics, and even their homes.