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900 East 30th St.
Suite 201
Austin, TX 78705

Office Hours

About Methodist Transplant Institute Austin Patient Care Center

With one of the top transplant programs in the U.S., Methodist Healthcare understands the importance of outreach and accessibility. That's why we offer the Methodist Transplant Institute Austin Patient Care Center to residents of the Austin, Texas area. We want patients in need of transplant services to have access to the best there is to offer in South Texas.

To learn more about our patient care center, please call (844) 746-3338.

At this satellite clinic, Methodist Healthcare medical professionals travel periodically to this location to provide diagnostic testing and evaluations to patients who may qualify for a liver transplant. Our multidisciplinary team also offers insight about the transplant surgery process as well as guidance on next steps.

Planning for transplant surgery

All testing required to determine patient eligibility for transplant surgery is performed at Methodist Transplant Institute Austin Patient Care Center. When it is time for the actual surgery, patients must travel to one of the Methodist Healthcare locations in San Antonio.

Any travel accommodations needed are the responsibility of the patient. After surgery, it is also expected for patients to attend all follow-up appointments in San Antonio.