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Methodist Healthcare

Community and membership

Our hospital system serves the Greater San Antonio community through classes, screenings and treating all patients regardless of your ability to pay.

Our mission statement of 'Serving Humanity to Honor God’ defines our ultimate purpose, and that goes far beyond just services and facilities.

Methodist Healthcare treats the medically underserved of the greater San Antonio community in a number of ways, including providing care at our nine hospitals and two freestanding Emergency Centers to everyone, regardless of ability to pay, and through the direct support of more than 30 non-profit health and human services agencies serving the community. As the city's second largest private employer, Methodist Healthcare is able to make a significant impact in the community beyond its 27 health care facilities and caregivers.

The birth of Methodist Healthcare in 1995 provided the greatest mechanism to address the needs of the underserved in San Antonio and South Texas through Methodist Healthcare Ministries. As one of the two co-owners of the Methodist Healthcare, Methodist Healthcare Ministries receives half of all profits generated by the hospital system.

Methodist Healthcare has a long history of serving the community through the offering of health education events and classes, screenings, transportation to medical facilities and many other activities that connect with our community where they live, work and play. Many of those efforts were offered through our affinity programs: WomanPlus®, 55PLUS® and Young Heroes Club®. Although we will still be offering numerous community events and benefits, we have decided to end these programs, as they exist today. Our plan is to evolve these programs into strategies that will provide more direct and meaningful ways to support our community in their efforts to learn more about particular health issues and initiatives.

We are definitely looking at bringing back programs that will benefit our community and patients. If you have any questions, please contact our contact service center at (210) 575-0355.

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Save a life!

Join Methodist Healthcare and the American Heart Association in our initiative to help save lives by teaching 10,000 individuals hands-only CPR. Be the reason behind someone's tomorrow and check out our hands-only CPR training video below.