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Kidney live donor program

Donating a kidney is a serious decision for both the donor and the recipient. By choosing to become a living donor, you are giving someone the gift of life.

Methodist Transplant Institute at Methodist Hospital Specialty and Transplant has developed opportunities for prospective kidney recipients waiting for a kidney, including living kidney donor transplants. The decision to donate a kidney is a serious one for the donor and the recipient. If you choose to become a living donor, it can be a very rewarding experience. You are giving the gift of life to someone you care about.

What can a kidney donor expect?

The donor evaluation consists of lab work, diagnostic imaging and a psychosocial evaluation. It is recommended that the testing take place at Methodist Transplant Institute. If the donor resides outside of the San Antonio area, most of the testing can be done at one of our outreach clinics or a local hospital. The donor will be required to visit our transplant center at least once prior to surgery. The entire cost of the evaluation, operation and follow-up care related to the surgery is usually paid by the recipient’s health insurance benefits. Typically, donors return to normal activities within two to six weeks.

If you are interested in finding out whether you can be a living kidney donor, fill out our living donor referral questionnaire.

End your wait for kidney transplant surgery

Methodist Hospital Specialty and Transplant surgeon, Adam Bingaman, MD, discusses what patients who are waiting for kidney transplant surgery can do to help "end their wait."