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Pediatrics is the medical care of infants, children and adolescents. Pediatricians are specially trained to treat diseases, behavioral problems and mental health issues as they relate to children. Pediatric care includes well check-ups, vaccinations and much more.

Pediatricians in San Antonio

We are dedicated to providing your child with high-quality care through a full range of pediatric services.

With expertise in cardiology, oncology, orthopedics and more, our pediatricians at Methodist Healthcare support children of all ages. When your child requires specialized care, our compassionate specialists craft an individualized treatment plan to meet their health needs.

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Our pediatrics services

When your child needs skilled and compassionate care, the experts at Methodist Children's Hospital are ready to help. Our board-certified pediatricians are specially trained to treat childhood conditions and understand the unique needs of young patients.

Pediatric care covers treatment from birth through young adulthood. It includes specialty care, such as cardiology and oncology, as well as check-ups and vaccinations.

Methodist pediatric care milestones

Methodist Healthcare has provided expert, compassionate pediatric care for more than 20 years. Our program includes:

  • Highest Cribs for Kids National Safe Sleep Hospital Certification, Gold Safe Sleep Champion
  • San Antonio's first and only children's hospital designed and built exclusively for children
  • San Antonio's largest neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
  • San Antonio's first Level IV NICU, signifying the highest level of care available for infants
  • The nation's first FACT-accredited pediatric blood and marrow stem cell transplant program
  • The only pediatric cancer program to offer groundbreaking CAR-T cell immunotherapy
  • One of the region's largest pediatric catheterization programs
  • One of the most extensive pediatric congenital heart surgery programs in South Texas
  • Completion of the region's first robotic-assisted general surgery
  • First-ever facility dog program in central and south Texas
  • First and only dedicated gaming and virtual reality therapy program in Texas

Pediatric services we provide

We're proud to offer comprehensive and specialized care that helps children thrive. From birth through young adulthood, Methodist Healthcare provides tailored treatments for a range of conditions.

Bone marrow transplant

The Pediatric Blood and Marrow Stem Cell Transplant Program is the only program of its kind in South Texas and one of the busiest in the country. Founded in 1993, our expert medical staff has completed over 750 marrow transplants, ranking us among the most experienced programs in the nation. Our program offers full service for chemotherapy infusions, transfusion, stem cell transplant evaluations and infusions, and other procedures.

Burn and wound care

The Methodist Hospital Burn and Reconstructive Center provides advanced, comprehensive burn treatment, repair and reconstruction surgery, critical care, and outpatient services to pediatric patients from San Antonio and the surrounding communities in the south Texas region.

Cardiology and cardiovascular surgery

Our board-certified pediatric cardiologists and board-certified pediatric cardiovascular surgeons diagnose and treat a full range of pediatric heart conditions. Methodist Children's | Heart Institute has one of the most extensive pediatric congenital heart surgery programs in South Texas. We're also home to one of the region's largest catheterization programs, which gives us access to the latest minimally invasive heart treatments and tests.

Craniofacial surgery and treatment

Our nationally recognized specialists treat children of all ages with craniofacial conditions. We provide comprehensive and personalized treatment plans that fit your child's unique needs.

Ear, nose and throat (ENT)

From common cases of tonsillitis to complex airway problems, our board-certified pediatric ENT specialists have the most experience of any ENT doctors in the region. We provide the latest diagnostic tests and treatment options alongside a holistic approach to care.

Endocrinology and diabetes care

Our experienced pediatric endocrinologists provide your family with the support you need to help your child live a full and happy life. Methodist Children's Hospital is recognized by the American Diabetes Association Education Recognition Program and meets the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education.

Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)

With more than 19,000 square feet and 94 beds, the Methodist Children's Hospital Level IV NICU is the largest in San Antonio. We provide specialized nursing care, respiratory therapy and bedside surgeries for high-risk newborns and preemies.

Neurological care

Methodist Healthcare is home to some of the region's top pediatric neurologists and neurosurgeons. We offer a full spectrum of neurological services for children, all while providing compassionate care that focuses on your child's long-term wellbeing.


A childhood cancer diagnosis can be a difficult and uncertain time for a family. Our team of experts takes a personalized and holistic approach to pediatric cancer treatment — treating the disease and the physical and emotional side effects of cancer care.


At Methodist Healthcare, our goal is to keep your child moving toward a bright future. Our experienced team of orthopedic doctors and surgeons specializes in treating infants, children and teens with musculoskeletal conditions.

Pediatric intensive care unit (PICU)

Methodist Children's Hospital has the largest PICU in San Antonio, with 24 beds and state-of-the-art equipment. Our specially trained nurses and pediatricians deliver comprehensive care to critically ill children 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Plastic and reconstructive surgery

As one of the most experienced pediatric plastic surgery teams in the region, our specialists are recognized for treating cleft lip and cleft palate, facial nerve disorders and more. We treat every patient individually and find the right surgery plan that will help your child thrive now and in the future.


Our board-certified pediatric pulmonologists provide children with effective, long-term respiratory treatments that improve quality of life. We offer care for lung and chest conditions, such as severe allergies, asthma, sleep disorders, chronic coughs and more.


We offer comprehensive inpatient pediatric care to help children who need physical, occupational or speech therapy services. Our team treats children with a variety of conditions, including cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Spine care

The Spinal and Thoracic Center at Methodist Children's Hospital provides specialized care for complex spine conditions. Our pediatric spine care team — which includes doctors, surgeons, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists and others — offers state-of-the-art testing, treatments and rehabilitation.


We have board-certified urologists who are specially trained in diagnosing and treating pediatric urinary tract conditions. Our team can help children and infants with urinary tract infections, abnormal bladder functions, kidney conditions and more.

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