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Cardio-oncology is a field of medicine that studies the effects of cancer treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy, on the cardiovascular system.

Cardio-oncology program in San Antonio

Sometimes, you may receive a cancer diagnosis when you have had a history of heart problems. Our program is here to help on both fronts.

As the first cardio-oncology program in South Texas, Methodist Healthcare provides early cardiac testing and regular monitoring, to help prevent cardiac complications if you have been treated with anthracyclines, radiation or molecular targeted therapies. Our goal is to allow for an early identification adjustment of cardiovascular therapy to match the clinical course of your treatment.

Enhancing cancer treatment with predictive cardiac monitoring

Our goal is to enhance cancer care, including the effectiveness of treatment, through predictive and preventive cardiac monitoring. The cardio-oncology program at the Methodist Heart Institute uses cardiac monitoring for:

  • Assisting the oncology team with data help determine the best course of treatment
  • Early detection for if you are at risk for cardiotoxicity, where damage to the heart has occurred as a result of chemotherapy or other medications
  • Early implementation of cardioprotective agents, which help prevent further damage to the heart
  • Maximizing the effectiveness of chemotherapy treatment
  • Minimizing cardiotoxicity while treatment eliminates cancer
  • Providing you with ongoing cardiovascular care before, during and after treatment

Access to advanced testing technology

Our facilities are equipped with the latest, most advanced cardiac imaging, monitoring and testing technologies, including:

  • 3D echocardiography
  • Electrocardiograms (EKG or ECG)
  • Monitoring of the development of microRNA and intracellular/intramitochondrial biomarkers to facilitate detection of cardiotoxicity
  • Regular screenings and treatments for both new patients and long-term cancer survivors with cardiotoxicity and/or other complications not directly related to cancer therapy
  • Tests for biomarkers, such as troponin 1 and natriuretic peptide

To learn more about our Cardio-Oncology Program, call (210) 575-6800.

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